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From System Review to System Redesign
More than a year ago, the State System undertook a strategic review of all of its operations, from top to bottom. The goal: to identify areas of necessary change to help ensure the long-term success of the 14 universities within the State System. The review resulted in recommendations based on input from students, faculty, staff, university and system leaders, legislators, community leaders, and a national consultant. Coming out of the review, the Board established three priorities:

1Ensuring student success

2Leveraging university strengths

3Transforming the governance/leadership structure

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The System has moved from "review" to "redesign" mode. The Board of Governors affirmed its commitment to the long-term stability of all 14 universities in the State System so that each may continue to serve students, its region, and the Commonwealth. A successful redesign will have a positive impact on students, enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire System, and ensure strategic changes that support the System's long-term success. We are redesigning the System to help our students and universities thrive into the future.

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Small, tactical groups are being used throughout the System Redesign to accomplish specific tasks that support each of our 3 strategic priorities: 1) Ensuring student success; 2) Leveraging university strengths; and 3) Transforming the governance/leadership structure. Below is a list of the existing task groups; others will be added over time and as these tasks are completed. You can submit your comments to be shared with the task group.

1Ensuring student success

Our universities already are focused on student success, and we want every student to graduate in a timely manner with a path forward that leads to his or her individual success.

2Leveraging university strengths

Each university has unique strengths. We need to capitalize on those strengths through greater collaboration. Working together, we can leverage the power of 14.

3Transforming the governance/leadership structure

We are implementing best practices to move the Board of Governors from a focus on compliance to a focus on strategy and to empower our system and university leaders to make bold decisions that place the needs of students first.


The diagram below shows the steps that have been taken thus far in the process to reshape the State System for the future—starting with the System Review and now with the System Redesign. At the bottom, the diagram shows how issues flow from the Task Groups, through the various parts of the System, and to the Board of Governors—gathering input from stakeholders along the way.

Preparation for System Review

June 2016 - January 2017

System Review

February 2017 - July 2017

  • Data collection and stakeholder input
  • Analysis of data and comments
  • Presentation of recommendations

Analysis of Recommendations

July 2017 - October 2017

  • University and System leaders analyze recommendations
  • Overarching themes emerge
  • Chancellor visits campuses; gathers stakeholder input of themes

Board Adopts 3 Strategic Priorities

October 2017

Task Groups Launched

December 2017

Task Group forms recommendations for specific actions

Chancellor's staff and university counterparts review recommendations

University Presidents provide input on recommendations

Feedback from stakeholders (e.g., bargaining units, trustees, etc.) as appropriate

Review by appropriate BOG Committee

Action by Board of Governors

As tasks are completed, additional task groups will be formed (and will follow this same process)


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